With the right care, you too can reach for the stars.


With the right care, you too can reach for the stars.

I was in a tremendous amount of pain (from bicep tendinitis) and could barely lift my arm. I had to learn to get dressed, open car doors, put on my seatbelt, etc. using my other arm. The slightest movement would cause me excruciating pain. My own doctor told me that I needed to rest it, and it would likely improve over several weeks’ time. When it didn’t, I consulted an orthopaedic shoulder specialist, who sent me for physical therapy. I worked with a very reputable physical therapy company for six weeks, with limited improvement. I went back to the orthopaedic shoulder specialist who told me that unless I wanted surgery, I would have to learn to live with it. Shortly thereafter, I heard great things about Susan Schehr. I went to see her, but I was skeptical & had low expectations. I could see right away that her approach was vastly different from what I had experienced before. She sees the body as an integrated whole, so effective healing of a damaged part cannot take place without taking into account all the other parts. Susan works with an amazing intuition that zeros in on areas that need work, all in the service of healing the affected part. I saw Susan twice a week for about six weeks. After each session I was amazed at my improvement. By the end, I had full use and full range of motion in my left arm, without any pain. I call her my miracle worker. I am still amazed at what she was able to achieve for me. I am so grateful to her. I recently went back to see her for a different issue, having to do with my back. In about five sessions the entire problem was cleared up. Susan is Baltimore’s greatest treasure!
Kim K.


A frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is identified by the severe restriction and inability in raising the arm overhead, either actively or passively.


  • Behind your forehead,
  • Behind the bridge of your nose and
  • Deep to your cheek bones.


  • Preventing a frozen shoulder in the case of injury to your arm is critical. If it arises from injury to another part of the arm (not an injury to the shoulder itself)
  • To calm the pain
    • Apply ice (10 minutes) or moist heat (20 minutes) to the shoulder.
    • Use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (with a physician recommendation)
  • Exercises to improve range of motion


  • From immobilization, or extended lack of movement which may be due to a tear in the soft tissue (rotator cuff tear), a fracture or other injury of the arm, or
  • When the arm is just too painful move due to a pinched nerve in the neck, shoulder impingement syndrome or from restrictive posture from other injuries


  • Leads to a chronic sinus condition
  • You will find more and more frequent infections


  • It is very easy for your frozen shoulder to worsen in pain and immobility without the proper care.
  • Compensations in movement are likely to occur, causing additional pain.
  • Many times, the neck and the other arm are overworked.


Limited, painful movement due to a frozen shoulder.

It does not have to take 1-5 years of full recovery if the source of the problem is treated along with the frozen shoulder itself.  Your whole body will be assessed to find the multiple factors involved with your condition. This includes the posture of your neck and body.  

In my 4 decades of proven frozen shoulder treatment, besides direct trauma to the shoulder, I have also identified the cervical spine, thoracic spine and even the stomach and the liver to be source of the problem.

Quite often, “fixing” the spot that hurts, is only one aspect of the treatment.  Teaching you how to avoid future problems is very specific to your needs and will be addressed accordingly.  This holistic approach is designed for you to minimize your time spent in the physical therapy office and maximize your quality of life as quickly as possible.

After identifying the source of the problem, the shoulder range of motion is able to be restored more easily.  Effective treatment and best practices including an integrated approach to manual therapies including positional release, visceral manipulation, muscle energy, neural mobilization, and joint mobilization.  

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A:  Firstly, I don’t believe in doing what didn’t work before. Many physical therapy practices approach a problem by going to the painful region. Oftentimes, this is a very temporary fix. By taking a holistic, hands-on approach, I understand that your pain may be coming from another part of the body, or even have multiple sources, including posture. By individualizing your treatment, I concentrate on healing and re-balancing the body, to manage your pain and lessen the chance of it returning. Then, I teach you how to manage your posture and movement.

A: Treatments for headaches or other pain from a recent problem will generally benefit from 2 treatment sessions for the first 2 weeks, then 1 session per week. Older conditions will benefit from 2 treatment sessions for the first week and then 1 session per week. Wellness sessions to rebalance and optimize the body for healthy aging range from a single session every month to once every six months and will be recommended on an individual basis.

A: An initial evaluation will take 1 hour. (Scar adhesion or sinus treatments only require 45 minutes.) Most follow-up treatments will be done in 30 minute sessions; multiple body areas may require 45 minutes

A: Any heavy exercise or recreational program should be done prior to the physical therapy or wellness session and then not for 24 hours after, in order for the body to adjust itself to the changes in muscle balance.

A: I will teach you techniques to perform on yourself if there is a flare-up and instruct you on proper body mechanics and ergonomics.

A: It is a facial aesthetics program of wrinkle reduction and facial rejuvenation using hands-on physical therapy and osteopathic techniques which may reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck. A FREE HEALTHY AGING CONSULTATION is available. See Refacée®

A: Although many patients have health insurance, Baltimore Holistic Physical Therapy does not participate with health insurances.

A: Appointments may be made in the following ways: Please call 410-665-3223 Email: