As healthcare costs continue to rise, you deserve to let every dollar spent have value.


As healthcare costs continue to rise, you deserve to let every dollar spent have value.

Baltimore Holistic Physical Therapy treatment model is based on providing the best and most appropriate evaluation and treatment methods for your individual case. The focus is strictly on you, the patient.

Many patients initially seek treatment here because the traditional “just bill my insurance” model has failed them.   As insurance reimbursements do not keep pace with the increasing costs of provider care, many clinics using this reimbursement model have found other ways to reduce their costs.  They do this by employing aides to help manage your treatment rather than experienced and expertly trained therapists. Therapists may alter your ideal treatment plan in favor of methods they know will be reimbursed by insurance.

The Baltimore Holistic Physical Therapy way provides for better care.  By following a cash-based payment model, you are provided with individual attention and a treatment tailored to your needs, not to that of the insurance company. There are no aides, no techs.

Dr. Schehr is dedicated to helping you reach your goals in the most efficient way.

You need her expertise in finding and treating the source of your problem. She will teach you appropriate exercises, but will not ask you to perform exercises in the clinic that can easily be performed at home. You will learn how to manage you own care, including how to prevent future flare-ups.

Most patients are treated 1-4 times per month for rehab. Wellness services are usually received once every 4-8 weeks.

Efficient therapeutic care with proper instruction in self-management, can actually lower your costs and return you to health more quickly; her wellness programs may even reduce the need for therapeutic care.


Initial evaluation and treatment


60 minutes

Sinus and scar initial evaluation


45 minutes

Follow-up appointments for treatment




30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes

Most follow-up treatments require 30 minutes. On average, patients receive therapeutic treatments 1-4 times per month. Wellness services are generally scheduled every 4-8 weeks.


  • All payments are due at the time of treatment
  • This practice accepts payment in the form of a check, Venmo, or cash.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted for your convenience for a small fee. 


Available for ½ hour appointments.

  • 10% discount   Package of 5 
  • 15% discount   Package of 10


  • Patients receiving therapeutic services may file for reimbursement from their healthcare insurance if their benefits apply. You will receive a coded bill upon request.
  • Those receiving therapeutic or wellness services may file for reimbursement from their Healthcare Savings Account (FSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Upon request, a receipt will be given.


This facility is not Medicare certified and can therefore only provide Wellness services as dictated by Federal law.

Our Unique Approach

Free to be you.

Her treatment philosophy is to gently restore the body’s comfort and function by:

  1. Getting to the underlying cause of the problem asap;
  2. Utilizing a highly specialized, integrated approach to rebalance the body;
  3. Teaching patients how to manage their own problem, including self-treatment;
  4. Teaching patients how to avoid future pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Schehr has had the opportunity to help thousands of people over her many years of practice. They currently travel from 8 different Maryland counties, as well as from Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

What Our Patients Have To Say


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A:  Firstly, I don’t believe in doing what didn’t work before. Many physical therapy practices approach a problem by going to the painful region. Oftentimes, this is a very temporary fix. By taking a holistic, hands-on approach, I understand that your pain may be coming from another part of the body, or even have multiple sources, including posture. By individualizing your treatment, I concentrate on healing and re-balancing the body, to manage your pain and lessen the chance of it returning. Then, I teach you how to manage your posture and movement.

A: Treatments for headaches or other pain from a recent problem will generally benefit from 2 treatment sessions for the first 2 weeks, then 1 session per week. Older conditions will benefit from 2 treatment sessions for the first week and then 1 session per week. Wellness sessions to rebalance and optimize the body for healthy aging range from a single session every month to once every six months and will be recommended on an individual basis.

A: An initial evaluation will take 1 hour. (Scar adhesion or sinus treatments only require 45 minutes.) Most follow-up treatments will be done in 30 minute sessions; multiple body areas may require 45 minutes

A: Any heavy exercise or recreational program should be done prior to the physical therapy or wellness session and then not for 24 hours after, in order for the body to adjust itself to the changes in muscle balance.

A: I will teach you techniques to perform on yourself if there is a flare-up and instruct you on proper body mechanics and ergonomics.

A: It is a facial aesthetics program of wrinkle reduction and facial rejuvenation using hands-on physical therapy and osteopathic techniques which may reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck. A FREE HEALTHY AGING CONSULTATION is available. See Refacée®

A: Wellness programs for healthy aging are not covered by most insurances, but may be reimbursable through a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA). A written bill and receipt will be provided upon your request. Although I do not participate in or bill insurance directly, I will provide a bill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, upon request. As there are many types of insurance plans with each provider, it is your responsibility to understand the terms of your insurance. *Those with Medicare Part B insurance from CMS will only be allowed to be part of the Healthy Aging program, NOT for physical therapy treatment. Please see Payment Terms and Policies.

A: Appointments may be made in the following ways: Please call 410-665-3223 Email: Dr.Susan@baltimoreholisticpt.com